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Soiled Linen Laundry Bags

Water-soluble bags, used commonly for commercial collection of laundry, especially with medical uniforms and facilities with soiled linens.  Minimizes human contact with contents. (barrier film for pathogens/C19, excellent for laundry with bed bugs or saturated liquid waste).


  • Hotels

  • Homeless shelters

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Commercial laundries

  • Hospitals

  • Cruise Liners

  • Surgery Centers

  • Diaper Services

Medical Scrubs

Hospitals, doctors offices, and medical facilities (see full list above) use our bags to hold their scrubs which can often come in contact with unsanitary things. Bags are sealed, sent for cleaning and loaded into washing machine - avoiding human contact.

Soiled Linens

Soiled linens are common at assisted living facilities, hotels, shelters, hospitals, surgery centers and other medical facilities (see full list above). Bags are sealed, sent for cleaning and loaded into washing machine - avoiding human contact.

Contaminated Uniforms

Staff at hotels, prisons, disposal services, cruise liners and many other facilities wear uniforms. The most sanitary way to collect and clean these uniforms is to use our bags.

Bed Bug Infested Items

Bed bugs can spread fast and cause immense damage. Beg bug removal services use our bags to quickly and safely seal bug infested items for washing.


Surfaces can become contaminated with microorganisms and potential pathogens such as Covid-19. Our bags act as a barrier until the items are ready to be washed/cleaned. The entire bag is loaded into the washing machine and the bag dissolves, allowing the clothing to be cleaned while avoiding human contact.

Dirty Clothing

Cruise liners, hotels, cleaners, prisons and other facilities use our bags to collect and wash dirty clothing in order to avoid human contact.

Here's the process

  1. Items are collected 

  2. Bag is sealed for transport/cleaning

  3. Bag is loaded into washing machine

  4. Bag dissolves, clothes are cleaned!



26" x 33"

28" x 39"

36" x 39"


20 - 25 gal.

30 - 32 gal.

40 - 45 gal.






7 lbs.

8 lbs.

12 lbs.

Bag seal: Water-soluble strip attached

Style options: 

  • Clear/Red/Print

  • Hot/Cold Soluble

Contract manufacturer: Any custom dimensions

Let's get in touch

We are the manufacturer. We can create any size or style needed. Contact us to start a discussion.

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