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Many manufacturing processes require a barrier film for production, but not part of the final product.  One notable example: mould release film.  Fake marble counter tops (like cultured marble) are made in moulds, and the release film is used so that the fake marble does not stick to the mould.  The film helps release the product from the mould, and then the film is removed from the final product.

Liquid release agents need to be professionally applied, take notable time and effort, are subject to variance in guage, and once applied is meant to turn into a dried, solid film.  BioZaq's mould release film comes as rolls of solid film.  Just place into mould and ready to go.

Just like detergent pods... any 'pre-measured dose' of chemical powder product can be packaged (via a vertical fill packaging machine) in water soluble film.  The concentrate chemical product can then be simply tossed into a mixture.   

Examples: additives for concrete (tossed into concrete mix), water treatment chemicals, and agrochem products (like pesticide concentrate, tossed into a tank of water).

BioZaq Poly has a team of chemists, and lists of unique resin formulations.  PVA/PVOH water soluble resins may be used by blown film manufacturers, as extrusion coating barrier films for paperboard production (which makes the paperboard fully recyclable, as opposed to standard polyethylene film), for injection molded items, for cast film, etc.

More Products

We are the novel USA PVA manufacturing hub, for water soluble poly resins, films, and bags. We have various formulations, a powerhouse team of pioneer chemists, and love discussing new applications.  Please contact to discuss your unique project/s.

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